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Not your Ordinary Home- 2020 Flagship Project

Aloha Nui ~

Our Drawing Board has been very active. We have several new projects we are spearheading this year:

Our Flagship project is dedicated to the Smart owner who wishes for more than to simply coexist on Kaua'i. This project invites full or moderate participation. The inspiration of this project blends a 2nd residence/ vacation home, with the select opportunity to have a positive impact on the Garden Island.

This project is a Win-Win for whomever partakes in it. It is important to remember when viewing this project that the owner is not a farmer; he or she is a participant (at whatever level he/she chooses to interface).

In this world we can only change the things we can touch. This innovative project has the potential to change the way we view commercial Agriculture on our island, and assist in attaining self-sufficiency and food soverignty.

A detailed Business Prospectus is readily available per your request.

Property View- Signature Homes Kauai