Design & Build

Aloha-Signature Homes is a Boutique Builder specializing in custom projects. We are a turn key organization, handling every thing from conceptual design of a project, to the client move in. Our projects typically last for 1.5-2 years depending on the scope of the project. These are long term projects, it is important to us that we are doing creative projects, for cool people. 

Check Out Our Signature Project

We are teaming up with The AG Lab Kauai to start the build out on our Hui’ Flagship Project. This is an agricultural project with a custom home. Stay tuned it is going to be a very cool project.

Hale Hueli’a 2014 & 2015

Hale Hueli'a

Hale Hueli’a was a 1.5 year project from design phase to finish. This spectacular property was saved from the jungle. We completely rebuilt and replaced every item in the house; from the foundation to the roof. Today it is a Signature Home and the best house on the block. 

Ke Makana/The Gift

Built in Kalaheo this home was designed and built by Signature Homes. This is a spectacular house with breathtaking views. The bathrooms and kitchen are the stars of this house. Please look around.

Architectural Details

Cool details from our projects.