About Signature Homes Kauai

At Signature Homes Kauai our motto is “Design and Build For You”. And that is exactly what we do. Whatever your desire is, we will do our professional best to accomplish the visions that you have entrusted us with. No detail is too small, and no request is too big when it comes to you and your dream.

Who we work for is as important as what we do

We are boutique builders on the Island of Kauai, with three decades of experience in high caliber building and design.

Signature Homes Kauai brings a unique skill set to the table. Our knowledge of construction and building, as well as design and finish of a home, is second to none.

Owner Joseph Robinson has been a licensed construction professional since 1986. He entered into the granite and tile trade while studying Architectural and Building Technology.

He first began carving out his niche in general contracting with high-end kitchen and bath remodels. He quickly excelled as a specialty contractor, with his team providing finish stone and tile work for designers, subcontractors and homeowners from California to Hawaii. Over the years, Joseph Robinson and his team have participated in many diverse projects – consistently delivering top-notch client services, creative designs and exclusive finished products.

Please look at the gallery of our completed projects. We would be happy to talk with you regarding any of your upcoming building or design projects.

We engage in one project at a time

This ensures our complete focus on your project. Your house will have been built 100 times on paper and in our minds, before we ever break ground.

As a specialty contractor, we have owned stone fabrication facilities in California, Hawaii and Mexico. We have participated in thousands of kitchen and bath projects over the past three decades, which has afforded us the opportunity to work with and learn from many well respected professionals.

Our knowledge and expertise guarantees the success of your project.

Design and build with us

We prefer to design the houses we build. That way we know we are building a Signature Home. Our design and build philosophy allows our projects to move forward at a faster rate. We provide a better value for our client’s dollar.

We use 3D modeling software that lets us creates accurate visuals for clients during the design phase of the project. The data that our software generates is used throughout the project, allowing us to know most of the parameters of our project before we even start.

From renovations to the building of a home, we can assist you in the timely execution of your building projects. Our 28 years of creative design, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction guarantees the success of your project.

Please view our design gallery and our client testimonials to learn more about the level of customized service we can provide for your project.